What is the State’s Attorney

The Constitution of the State of Maryland provides that each county and the City of Baltimore shall have a State’s Attorney whose primary responsibility is the investigation and prosecution of all criminal defendants.

The mission of the Frederick County State’s Attorney is to promote public safety and foster a sense of security in our community by holding people accountable for violating the law and pursuing justice in a fair, honest, efficient and ethical manner.

My Office’s Operations

Our team of professionals work collaboratively with state and local law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, victims and members of the public to provide information and services, and to seek justice in the cases that are investigated and prosecuted within our county. In doing so, the office screens cases to ensure legitimate prosecutions, and to determine eligibility for an alternative to prosecution, such as a diversion program or drug court. My office also works to develop crime prevention programs in cooperation with other agencies. My office has four divisions:

  • Circuit Court DivisionThis Division is primarily responsible for prosecution of felony cases, which include violent and property crimes, as well as crimes committed against children and family members. Additionally, the Circuit Court Division is responsible for presenting cases to and advising the Grand Jury. This Division also handles post-trial proceedings like modification hearings, violations of probation, post-conviction proceedings, and other such proceedings.
  • Juvenile Court DivisionThe Juvenile Court Division screens cases forwarded for prosecution by the Department of Juvenile Services. This Division is responsible for preparing Juvenile Petitions and prosecuting these cases before the Juvenile Magistrates.
  • District Court DivisionThe District Court Division screens and prosecutes misdemeanor cases involving criminal and serious traffic matters. This Division meets with citizen complainants and further investigates cases in which citizens have brought charges through the commissioner process. This Division also handles the prosecution of misdemeanor cases for which a jury trial has been prayed.
  • Child Support DivisionThe Child Support Division is grant funded, and focuses on establishing child support and paternity orders, and then enforcing payment of court ordered support. The Child Support Division works closely with the Department of Social Services and local law enforcement providing these services.As the county’s chief prosecutor, protecting and promoting public safety is my core function. Seeking justice is my paramount goal.